airport problem



My G4 has been my airport-connected internet/email machine for years. Normally my screen shows the airport symbol with the time connected counting up beside it. Yesterday it displayed the airport symbol on the desktop but no "time-connected" clock figures and I can no longer access the net or my email service provider on that machine. When I open Internet Connect it says that I'm connected to the internet via the correct network on airport and that the signal is very strong, but I can't access net or email. Another Mac, sitting in the same room and connected via the same airport hub, connects perfectly. Can anyone help me?


when your in the internet connection window at the very bottom what does the status sometimes notice on my G4 it will go to "status unaviable" or "computer to computer" and i get a drop in reception then a couple mins or seconds later it will come back.
when you dont have the time of your connection up in the status bar that means you dont have a route. your still gettin signal from the aiport but the connection status is not avaible. i dont seem to have this problem at my house with my cable modem often but i find when im at home on DSL i notice this more often.
the only think i have found that can fix this issue is just to right click on the airport icon in the apple menu and turn it off then back usually gets the connection right back.
do you have a powerbook g4 what a powermac ? i think there is a problem with the powerbooks reception with the built in airport card

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