Airport Extreme??



guys, what's this Airport extreme thing...the Card, the airport extreme base, etc...what's this?..what is it for?

Internet ? i read that you can use the computer and go online without needing a Cable connected directly to de computer?....what's this?...wireless system? i also read that someone used their Powerbook in college, used the internet but without cable connection instead a Wireless thing....i don't get it...

can someone please explain that to me heheh and the airport extreme thing

i'm a FUTURE MAC user...and i'm trying to learn :D
Jul 22, 2003
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Airport Extreme is Apples name for WiFi

Airport Extreme uses the 802.11g radio bands.
What you do is you have your cable or dsl modem connected into an Airport Base Station or any other 802.11g access point or router and then your computer can connect to the internet wirelessly

Many college campuses have wireless networks set up so that if you have a powerbook with Airport (older models have this) or Airport Extreme card in it you can connect to the campus network practically anywhere on campus.

Regular Airport is 802.11b -- This is not as fast but has a greater range 11mbps at 150 ft Range

Airport Extreme has a 54mbps speed but only up to 50 ft from the station...after that its just like 802.11b

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