Airport Extreme Set Up using Apt Network Help!!!

Nov 10, 2011
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Hello All,

Thanks in advance for any help and assistance. I greatly appreciate it.

I have an Airport Extreme that I have set up previously and all went well. I recently moved into an apt building that has a pre-exhisting wired network set up that I need to link into. The gave me the following information:

(I left out digits for anonymity reasons)

Your IP Address: 192.1__.100.167
Subnet Mask: 255.2__.255.0
Default Gateway: 192.1__.100.1
DNS Server
Preferred: 24.94.1__.32
Alternate: 24.94.1__.33

I was given a sheet with very vague instructions on how to set up the network (using old software that I do not have).

Long story short, after working for a very long time on trying to set up the router I was able to get a single computer (my macbook air) online but no other computers. I have no idea what I did to get it online....

I am very computer literate but networking...umm....Forrest Gump....

after messing around a bit I was able to determine that I needed to "share a single IP Adress" but when I try to do that, I get lost and loose all internet (including on my macbook air). I get a prompt that says "the range of IP Addresses interferes with the routers Address".

Cant figure it out from here....

Please help! Step by step instructions are great. (pictures help too...)

Jan 19, 2008
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houston texas
Your Mac's Specs
09 MBP 8GB ram 500GB HD OS 10.9 32B iPad 4 32GB iPhone 5 iOs7 2TB TC Apple TV3
You need to set it up in Bridge mode if they have their own router feeding everyone then enter their info in the fields given.

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