airport extreme base question


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Hi, I'm quite new to Macs but I am looking into buying a new powerbook G4 soon. I want to connect to the internet wirelessly. I had a few questions concerning the airport Extreme Base and Card.

1) I currently use Comcast for my ISP. Would I be able to connect with the same connection to my powerbook using the Airport Extreme Base?

2) I think that the Airport Extreme Base is way overpriced. Can I still connect wirelessly with only the Airport Extreme Card? If not, are there any other stations that are cheaper and are compatable with the Airport Extreme Base Card?

Thanks for your help (in advance).
Jun 11, 2003
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Mount Vernon, WA
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MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM OS 10.5.2
1. I don't see why not

2. I use Netgear for my wireless router and it works great.

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