Airport Extreme and Internet connection problem

Sep 10, 2008
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So this is my problem:
I have FTTH - I have ethernet cabel in my house.
My ISP gave me IP adress, Mask, Router adress and DNS adresses.
When I connected the ethernet cabel to my MBP and entered that settings, all worked great.
I bought AEBS and wanted to be wireless.
So I pluged ethernet cabel to WAN port on my AEBS, entered that same settings, but "Double NAT" problem.... so I switch my AEBS to "Bridge mode".
But in Airport settings in System Preferences is "Self-assigned IP" and I cannot connetc to Internet.
But when I just ignore "Double NAT", everithing seems to be ok, I can ping my AEBS, my IP and my ISPs router, too....but cannot connect to Internet (In Safari "Server dont responding").

Whats wrong?

Thany you.

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