airport express



i got the airport express today and was able to get it running. but when i take out my modem and plug it into my old computer and plug it into my powerbook, it takes such a long time for it to connect. since im a total newbie, can somebody please guide me on how to use the aiport express and what to click on to get it running in no time? im still struggling on how to use my powerbook (just got it today, its a beauty!) help please :)


ok ok..........i have a question tho............ can the airport express serve the same purpose as the airport extreme base station?.........can i just buy the Express and use it as my wireless base station??


Yeah, Airport Express can be set up as either base station or repeater. In addition you can play iTune wirelessly, and share a USB printer.

daughter anna, you should plug in the cable modem to Airport Express. If you plug it into your computer, it will take some time to get new DHCP lease from your service provider. That's probably the lag you saw.

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