Airport Expess+MBP help needed

May 14, 2007
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Hey guys, new to the forum here.

I purchased a MBP, 2.33 ghz, 120GB and 2 GB ram a month ago. I tried to set up my wireless network but i'm having some problems with the Airport express . Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

-When the orange light flashes, it still works (blinking orange light means its not supposed to work)

-the signal strength is excellent, but when im playing woW, it lags pretty bad--although the internet works fine.

I don't know much about how the internet works but my friend told me to create a new network, with a 13 key WEP key. I tried getting online with another PC but it says the network didn't assign an IP or something. Its all mumbo jumbo to me so im hoping you guys can help .

Oh and when i open up Internet Connect, under the summary tab, it shows :

Built-In ethernet: Idle
Connected to the internet via Ethernet

btw my modem is about 5 years old, from verizon.

any help is appreciated :D

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