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advise needed on email provider and sync addressbook.app

Oct 1, 2007
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London, UK
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OSX Tiger, macbook
hi guys,
I was wondering if any of you could give me some advise. I currently use Apple's MobileMess, but it is just not going to allow me to send email using my workaddress (via webmail, which I use a lot). I therefore am looking for another service, because I am fed up with Apple's email service.
This what I need:
an email service with good IMAP and webmail, that has the ability to combine all of my correspondence. So I let everything be forwarded to 'MobMe-alternative' (work and personal email) and then have the possibility to reply to those emails with ANY from-address. There are several companies that offer this, but I really need the syncing between contacts online and addressbook.app as well. I do NOT consider using Gmail, because I don't like their privacy policy and the way the are selling out. I don't mind paying for it if it's a good (and fair) service.

Thanks for any advise!

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