Advice needed for MAC compatible monitors



I've got this really old Power mac 7300/200 which has been with me for 6 years. Together with it is a 17" AppleVision monitor. I'm using a OS 8.1 system.

The monitor recently crashed. I was still using in the afternoon and it went gone completely blank when I tried to use in the evening. But the drive still boots up...I could hear all the startup sounds...and I could even shut it down by pressing the "power" key on the keyboard. Just that nothing appears on the monitor.

Before the monitor crash, I've had flickering images that "shakes" at the corner, or sometimes it would just shrink itself for no apparent reasons etc... And this has been on going for abt a year or so. Hence the crash wasn't a big surprise for me.

I have 2 spare monitor which is an NEC LCD multisync and a panasonic CRT. I bought a VGA/mac adapator to use. But none of the two monitor could work on my apple drive. The adaptor comes with 10 dip switches, I don't have the manual and have given up trying to fidget with the switches. Anyone has any idea on these dip switches ? Or could it be that both my spare monitors are simply not "mac compatible" ?

I'm now contemplating to order another monitor online - the SAMTRON 17" 76E. The description said it has a mac/pc platform and can be connected directly to macintosh.

I'm really not good when it comes to such technies stuff. So my question is...does it means this new monitor will work with my apple computer ? I just thought it sounds a bit too good to be true.

There's a link below on the monitor if any kind soul could help me out. Any advice woould be greatly appreciated !


As far as I know any monitor is able to connect to MAC's.. Worse comes to worse you need a little adapter that is only a few bucks.. :)

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