Adding a SSD & SSHD to 2011 MBP 17inch - Plus More Speed Stuff

Mar 11, 2011
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2011 Macbook Pro 17 inch 16gigs RAM i7 - iPhone 6 Plus - 27 inch Thunderbolt Display - iPad Air 2
Hey everyone, I wanted to upgrade the speed in my 2011 MBP 17 as it wasn't quite as fast as I wanted it to be so I just added 16gigs of RAM last night and holy jeez am I happy. I previously had 4gigs and after installing the 16gigs and then Memory Clean during my usual Photoshopping etc I found that my machine uses 10gigs at a time for those operations plus other normal apps being open, the 4gigs definitely made my machine lag, now it runs like a banshee.

I installed Photoshop CC the night before the RAM upgrade and it took 25 minutes, Illustrator CC the next night after the upgrade and it literally installed in ONE minute, insane. For anyone that can hold 16gigs I 110% recommend it. The memory I loaded is actually 1600mhz instead of the 1333mhz, System Report says it's running at the 1600mhz but most likely is maxing at the 1333....anyways the real question:

I recently got my hands on a 128gig SSD I want to use in the main HD bay (figuring it's enough for the OS X & Applications) and then I want to order a 1terabyte SSHD drive (That will handle all my media storage) to put into the optical bay. From reading reviews and Seagates site amongst others I just can't make a decision. Seller sites have great specs and then the product has poor reviews ranging from DOA to incompatible apps etc.

Has anyone done this before and what SSHD did you go with? Did you notice any ill effects? I believe I lost a little battery life using the 16gigs of RAM, do u think i'll make it up with the SSD & SSHD?

Also what would you recommend for splitting the info onto the 2 SSDs? Am I right to put the applications & OS on the 128SSD and then media on the SSHD? Or am I right to use the 128 in the main and the 1TB in the optical? or should it be the other way around?

Any help is much appreciated, I'm looking to purchase the SSHD on Friday.

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