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Acknowledge a few people

Dec 3, 2006
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Irvine, CA
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Black Macbook C2D 2GHz 3GB RAM 250GB HD iPhone 4 iPad 3G
Can't believe I missed this thread :Oops:

Aww you're such sweeties! Thank you all.

KoDor, mac57, Mathogre, Stretch, Sherman, cwa, Browny, DB, eric, xstep, Kash, schweb, nuke, johntalin (where are nuke and Taleen, anyway?) - and I could go on and on here - are awesome too.

Thanks MHC, I really appreciate the sentiment :D

I would like to thank the unit for creating such a wonderful and hospitable environment that let me feel comfortable and accepted :D

I love you guys :Blushing: (ok, that was corny, but it had to be done :p)
Mar 18, 2007
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Blumenau, Brazil
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MacBook Pro 2,33GHz C2D 2GB RAM 256MB video + LCD Samsung 20" 206BW + Maxtor OneTouch III 500GB
No kidding, I've always been kind a "forum-junkie".

Now and then I would subscribe in every forum related to some topic I appreciate.

But in no place, never, I found a place like this.

Everyone extremely, elegantly helpful, respectful with newbies in the Mac World. It's also a fun place too.

No wonder why I realized that I'm always ending up here...

Tks guys, this forum is making my mac experience something very pleasing.

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