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Jan 4, 2010
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I think I've chosen the right sub forum for this question. Sorry if I haven't!

I've started doing work for clients which involves us all meeting up and working in the same location, same wireless network etc. We are all working on the same project, each of us doing slightly different tasks to each other but all part of the whole. So work that I am doing will be taken off someone else's computer, worked on by me, and then passed on again.

As we have a lot of file sharing going on, it comes up every now and again (more often than I'd like) that someone needs to access a file on my computer that I have worked on. The majority of the computers are set up so that we all know the username and password to gain access to all of the contents on all of the hard drives plugged in. So usually I just click and drag the files to one of these computers and we're sorted.

I don't want to have to give people my personal username and password combination in order for them to get access to the files on my machine though. I'm also finding it increasingly difficult to be able to move the files they need onto their machines whilst also working on my own set tasks, especially during busy periods. Also, if one of the other guys (who doesn't want their personal password given out) requests a file, we have to log on to our own machines from their machines...

Is there a way of sharing a folder (and it's contents) without them knowing my admin details? (and only folders I select!) I can't make it 'public' (anyone on the network) though as I'm sure you can understand, especially as once I leave the network and move to a new one they'll be accessible to these people as well!

Would setting up a second user account work? ie 'user2' with 'password' has access to a handful of folders in my admin account but nothing else?

Hopefully I've explained it all, but if not please ask!

Thanks very much,


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