A Pippin We Will Go A Pippin We Will Go

Aug 19, 2014
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No i didn't say pimping.

No it's not a misprint.

So let me explain.

In january 1996 Apple Teamed up with Bandai to Create the Apple Bandai Pippin.

A Home Entertainment Console (Or A way over priced video game console).

Released in the first part of 1996 in japan the Apple Bandai Pippin was not well received And many titles for the console where that of a educational verity.

The console Was then released 2 months later in the u.k where the console did a tiny bit better but not enough to really keep people interested in shelling out 599.99 for the console and another 599.99 for the 3 1/2 inch disk drive that was needed for certain games to save.

Yes I did say 599.99 for a 3 1/2 inch external drive to save.

Mid summer 1996 the pippin was released limited and very limited in the u.s with only 20 of the original games that came out in japan and the u.k the console bombed big time and that was the end of the apple pippin console.


A PowerPc 66MHZ Risc Processor (the same processor infact thats in a 66mhz performa macintosh)

8 Megs of ram (Some models the rarer @world models included 16 megs of ram.

Running a modified version of mac os 7.5

28.8 Baud rate dial up modem.

So Why Was The console a failure.

Well within 3 months of the consoles release people found they could run the pippin software on any macintosh with a cd drive and mac os 7.5 the only difference was the pippin disk contained a automated script that told the o.s to boot the disk and run the application on the disk automatically.

Where of course you can run it manually on any mac lol.

What usually came with the console was this:

1. pippin console

If you received the white model it had 4 megs of ram

If you have the rare black @world model some came with 8 megs to even 16 megs of ram.

2. The apple jack controller (this funky controller basically looks like a boomerang mixed with a gravis gamepad and has more buttons then a controller ever needs)

3. A Six pack of cd's

Honestly these where worthless.

See apple and bandai was betting on online gaming kinda hard on dialup and even on 28.8 baud even worse.

So what did they do they included.

1. a demo catalog disk

2. a Navigator disk for online web browsing

3. A online only game

4. Another online only game

5. A online startup disk

6. one offline game disk

Which basically meant that if you didn't want your kids online you where kinda in trouble.

The amazing thing that the console did was create a switch on the back to switch the console from ntsc to pal depending on region.


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Jan 23, 2008
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Looks interesting John. Let us know how you like it and if it works well.

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