A few newbie AUDIO questions



I just bought my first mac, a G5.
Works fine, but I have some questions about the audio:

1. I can't hear the audio-input. Only if I use a recording-application, I can hear the audio-input, but If I close the recordingapplication I don't hear the input anymore.
What can I do about it?

2. I'm used to compose music with midi. I used to make midifiles with guitar pro on the pc. This program doesn't work on Mac, and virtual PC doesn't work on G5.
Does anyone know a good midi-program to compose music with more tracks?

3. The midi on my G5 doesn't sound that great. Now I've heard about some program wich changes your midisound by using samples instead of the computertones.. Does anyone know a program like this?

I use Mac os X

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