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Does iSight sit right on top of the monitor? Does it work with PC users?

What kind of mouse pad (if any) do I use with the wireless mouse?

How do I transfer certain files (mainly pics) from my PC to Mac w/out a CD burner? Is it neccessary to have a floppy drive? USB Flash?

What version of OSX are they currently coming out with on new eMacs? Panther? 10._?

What office programs are included?

What is the policy for Apple Care? Can I buy it within the first year?

Mar 30, 2004
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1. iSight is supposed to sit on top of your monitor; three stands are included for this purpose (One for CRTs, one for LCDs, and one for laptops.) In theory, it works with PC users who have Windows XP and the latest AOL IM app.

2. If you're using the Apple wireless mouse, or any optical mouse (wired or otherwise) no mousepad is necessary, though you can use one if you like.

3. You have several options. Buying a USB flash drive or CD burner would work. Building a ethernet or wi-fi network is another. Finally, you could sign up for an internet "disk" service, (Like .Mac, or one of the free or cheaper alternatives) or even a large eMail account, upload them from the PC, and download from the Mac.

4. 10.3 Panther is standard on all new eMacs, but you may have a few minor updates to download.

5. You get AppleWorks with an eMac. I personally like AppleWorks, and suggest you give it a try, but you may feel the need to buy Microsoft Office. The Mac version is definitely better than the Windows one. You also get iCal (calendar) Quicken, and Mail.

6. You can buy AppleCare any time within the original one-year warranty period.

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