7 Days later... (well 6!)

Apr 13, 2007
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Wirral, UK
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20" iMac
Hi guys,

First of all can I say, I'm a complete newbie to mac - but as of 6 days ago, am now an official mac convert! I purchased a 20" C2D iMac and jumped straight in! I read with interest a thread by MattGiaco (fantastic thread name!) and just thought I'd post my own views at this early stage! Secondly, I've been a long time reader of these forums and have never come across such a nice bunch of people! It really is a great community and one with which I hope to fully participate as my experience grows!

As i type (on my beautiful apple keyboard) everything so far seems great - mac os is a completely different kettle of fish to windows - but I cannot fault it at present.. I still use Windows in my day job - as Autodesk dont mac Autocad Architectural Desktop for mac anymore - although this is something I hope will change!!

I purchased a totally stock machine from an apple reseller in the uk and spent a long time with the salesperson explaining about the way mac os uses the RAM (a heck of a lot) more effectively than windows does and it really shows when dealing with large hi res images!

Anyway - just a post to let you know how I'm getting on, but I really love my mac!

From what I gather from browsing the threads, people believe the current crop of C2D machines will last for a while - which is also good to know!

Anyway - thanks for reading... I'm off to play with my widgets! :mac:

Feb 2, 2007
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Yeah, even when the next gen notebooks are out, the current stuff will work great for quite some time. Macs do seem to hold their value longer than similar pc machines.

I've had my MBP for 4 days now and am enjoying it. Still some new discoveries happening and I'll probably finish setting it up initially when I get home from a trip and can add my external hard drive, swap my iTunes library, etc.

I'm really impressed with how freaking quiet this MBP is. It's very, very quiet. I never thought of my last laptop as loud, but when the fans cranked up, it was very noticeable.

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