3G to 4S upgrade, retina display issues

Oct 24, 2011
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Recently I made a huge leap and upgraded my iPhone 3G (which I got when it first came out) to the new 4S. Id being dying to get something new for ages and so when I finally upgraded I was hugely ecstatic and relieved. I setup my new phone and synced it from a backup I did a few minutes earlier of my old phone. Everything loaded fine, well seemingly fine until I opened up Angry Birds to check out the crisp new graphics to find that the app was still using the SD graphics. I did some research thinking maybe the app hadn't received a graphics update, but then I remembered playing the game on my friend's iPhone 4 the day before and seeing it in HD. I checked the other apps and it seems that this bug is only affecting several of my games, all the utilities have the HD graphics.

So my question is, how can I fix this without losing all my saved games and app data?

I'm thinking it might be possible with iCloud, but I haven't wanted to risk that yet. Maybe its as simple as waiting for another update for that app? Anyway, hope someone has an answer.

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