2GB Ram in a 12", is this possible?


Mike Rushane

Although it may be considered overkill by most, I've got a major reason for wanting to do this (video editing on a very portable, low battery power apple that will often have to be recharged using solar power). Could somebody with a little more Mac know-how tell me if this is a mistake, or if it is possible to install 2GB into a 12" . I understand that 1.25GB is the max for the 12" PB. Anyways, check out this site, let me know what you think...


Near the bottom, a red hyperlink, it says somthing along the lines of "2Gig Kit for Powerbook" and it lists the 12" as being included.


(ps. - I know it's bad protocol to use your real name as a user name, is it possible to change this without creating a new account?)
Jul 22, 2003
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Nope you can't use the two gb kit

The 12" comes with 256 soldered onto the mobo which you can't mess with
There is only 1 dimm available and the 2gb kit is actually 2 1gb sticks so they made a mistake by saying you could use it with the 12"

I don't think you can change your user name but its not that big of a deal on this site. i think there are a few others who have done it

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