22" WS LCD that rotates?

Dec 1, 2006
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MBP 2.4/2GB/200HD/256 8600gt
Id like to find a new LCD, but am trying to find something specific on newegg, or dell.

it has to be 22" WS with 1680x1050 res and DVI, nothing less.

pretty much my only other requirement is that it has a height adjustable stand, and that i can rotate the actual LCD so instead of it being Wide, it be TALL.

do you all know what im saying? i had a dell 19" lcd that did this, it was a 1907 ultrasharp.

Im not sure if newegg has monitors that do this. i do see dells 2007 does this, but its 2" too small, and over 300$.

i dont really wanna spend over 300 but will go a little over if need be.

i cannot stress enough it MUST be from dell or newegg!

thanks for all the future helping in advance

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