2 Weeks for a Xserve!

Mar 27, 2004
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Your Mac's Specs
Dual 2.2GHz powered by AMD Opteron - *Sends G5 & 8Gb Ram to scrap heap* Yeah! finally switched BACK!
Oh can't wait...

I placed and order for one G5 XServe (9217A) with 4Gb of ram and 2 seagate ST3200822AS*Barracuda*(200Gb each!) :) This should be plenty space.... everything else is set to go. Even got a nice 10% discount and it's TAX Free! China's Great! :)

Some Questions... because Apple guy didn't know!

What's the noise level like on those G5's? I heard the first versions in use... they were noisy but quieter compared to the mirror doors G4's.

What about adequate cooling? Because fast drives get hotter! I don't want my drives to fry!

And how different is Panther Server from Client? Is DB management built-in or do i need some 3rd party software?

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