2 iTunes accounts...can I sync all info to 1 iTunes account??

Dec 8, 2014
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Hi, I've had an iTunes account associated with a Yahoo email address for several years....I recently opened a new iTunes account with a @me email account....Can I sync my iPad , iPhone, and laptop and home computer with the older (Yahoo) address and delete my new iTunes Account.....or vice versa...Or at least store my movies and music somewhere , delete the new iTunes account and then import my music and movies into my Yahoo iTunes account? Thx


Simply put, Apple doesn't offer this option.

You can, if you want, delete all purchases from the old account and re-purchase them (most, I'll wager, are free) with the new account and then just ignore the old account. That's about the only option.

You can also go into the preferences of the old account and change the receiving email address (to something OTHER than a mac/me/icloud account ... again, I have no idea why), but you can't "consolidate" accounts.

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