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I have just set up a new G5 with OSX 10.3 and purchased a formac 19in monitor but the monitor does not work with 10.3 but will work from a boot disc using 10.2. I have a colleague who has the same screen running 10.2 with no problems, he can also use my new screen with no problem. I can use a Mitsubishi analogue monitor without problems.

We also have problems sharing files and a USB 256 storage pen. When inserted into his G5 (using 10.2) the mac wants to initialize the pen as there is no data on it.

Anyone had similar problems or any ideas?

Feb 25, 2004
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Yes, the first time you use a USB storage pen, you have to initialize it. You only have to do this once.

As for the monitor, you're probably trying to use it out of scan range. The best way to fix this is using your old monitor, force the system into a fairly low resolution and low scan rate (like 800x600 @ 70 Hz) and then plug the new monitor in, and it should work okay.

Darkness falls

Thanks Osiris22x,

I did initialise the USB pen to begin with but when I remove it from my G5 running 10.3.3 and plug it into our other G5 using 10.2.8 it wants to re-initialize the pen and cannot see the files stored on it from the first G5.

We did set the system up on 800x600 before plugging in the new digital monitor but it does not get beyond the spinning clock at launch and eventually just freezes. We have another monitor the same which is happily working away on the other G5 using 10.2.8, when we unplug this at the basic resolution setting and plug it into the new machine using 10.3.3 the same problem occurs


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