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Mac-Forums: About Us

Mac-Forums is an online Community of Apple Product (Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, etc.) enthusiasts dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information relating to all ownership aspects of Apple products. Mac-Forums began operations in 2002…is one of the longest operating Apple enthusiast sites on the internet…and continues to be the best internet source of Apple product information.

Mac-Forums goal is to be the leading resource for every current & future Apple Product owner seeking information and advice needed to maintain their Apple devices in tip-top condition. Mac-Forums can help with your Apple product related:

Mac-Forums can help you avoid costly repair or upgrade mistakes. Mac-Forums can help with buying advice (what product may be best for you)...and Mac-Forums can help you get started with your new Apple device. If you have any sort of questions relating to Apple operating system's (macOS or iOS), software apps, Apple hardware, or external devices...Mac-Forums can help.

Mac-Forums has a world-wide membership 2nd to none…has a very dedicated core group of veteran members ready to help anyone at anytime…as well as a Staff of Administrators & Moderators keeping all operations running smoothly.

Mac-Forums over the years has always prided itself with fostering a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment to ask and discuss any & all questions. Mac-Forums maintains a “Disney-Friendly” environment…and discourages person-to-person disputes…name-calling…”flaming”…swearing…or any disruptive behavior.

Mac-Forums is the place you want to visit first!