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    iWeb/iLife 06 and Mountain Lion
    Hi all recently got a a new (used) macbook with Mountain Lion.
    I tried to install my ilife 06 but it only partially works. iPhoto and iMovie seem to work ok.
    But not iWeb and iDVD.
    When I start up iWeb just a shell comes up. The box for templates is empty so I cannot use it.
    IDVD will not come up at all.
    I have read you cannot use iLife 06 with Mountain Lion.
    Is this the case?
    Will iWeb 09 work?



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    Hello and welcome,

    If it's an older major version like iLife 06 I don't think that it will be supported by Mountain Lion.

    The apps within the suite tend to get incremental updates concomitant with major software upgrades.

    The iDVD version is probably too old but you might have more success with iWeb 09 however.

    The latest version is iWeb 11 3.0.4 and Apple actually discontinued development of the app in 2011.



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    I can confirm that the latest version of iWeb and iDVD both work fine in Mountain Lion.

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