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    Search functions
    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a searchfunction on a site that is non database driven?

    Any good link to info about that is also very welcome, thanks guys


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    Search functions
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    you can always add the Free Google search bar, like the one on this site

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    That's not really an option. It needs to be fully customisable (graphically spoken)...

    thanks anyway Addikt


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    Search functions
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    How much access do you have to the machine? I doubt you are going to find a decent flatfile database.. now if you had MySQL...

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    Search functions
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    I've used this before :

    It works pretty good. Of course I didn't use it on a huge site. You can customize it a little, and it looks OK. You can see it on a site I worked on at :

    I would use it again, if I wasn't going to use MySQL.
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