Yosemite problems

Jan 8, 2014
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I have lost keyboard commands phootbooth function, bluetooth other problems here is late etrecheck :scription:
desktop images disappear, screensaver resets to natl geo from iPhoto every time sleep or restart keyboard shortcuts no work!

EtreCheck version: 2.0.11 (98)
Report generated 9 Nowemapa 2014 7:09:41 AM HST

Hardware Information: ℹ️
MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo (Mid 2010)
MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro7,1
1 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2-core
4 GB RAM Upgradeable
2 GB DDR3 1067 MHz ok
2 GB DDR3 1067 MHz ok
Bluetooth: Old - Handoff/Airdrop2 not supported
Wireless: en1: 802.11 a/b/g/n

Video Information: ℹ️
NVIDIA GeForce 320M - VRAM: 256 MB
Color LCD 1280 x 800

System Software: ℹ️
OS X 10.10 (14A389) - Uptime: 2 days 8:33:8

Disk Information: ℹ️
ST750LX003-1AC154 disk1 : (750.16 GB)
S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified
EFI (disk1s1) <not mounted> : 210 MB
Jungle Cats 2 (disk1s2) /Volumes/Jungle Cats 2 : 150.00 GB (6.49 GB free)
Jungle Cats 3 (disk1s3) /Volumes/Jungle Cats 3 : 599.16 GB (131.73 GB free)
Recovery HD (disk1s4) <not mounted> [Recovery]: 650 MB

SanDisk SDSSDX120GG25 disk0 : (120.03 GB)
S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified
EFI (disk0s1) <not mounted> : 210 MB
Jungle Cats 1 (disk0s2) / [Startup]: 119.17 GB (29.60 GB free)
Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted> [Recovery]: 650 MB

USB Information: ℹ️
Apple Inc. Built-in iSight
Apple Internal Memory Card Reader
Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver
Apple Inc. Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad

Configuration files: ℹ️
/etc/hosts - Count: 3

Gatekeeper: ℹ️
Mac App Store and identified developers

Kernel Extensions: ℹ️
/Applications/Toast 8 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app
[not loaded] com.roxio.BluRaySupport (1.1.3) Support
[not loaded] com.roxio.TDIXController (1.6) Support

[loaded] com.globaldelight.driver.VoilaDevice (1.1 - SDK 10.1) Support
[not loaded] com.nvidia.CUDA (1.1.0) Support
[not loaded] com.wacom.kext.wacomtablet (6.3.9 - SDK 10.9) Support

/Volumes/Jungle Cats 2/Applications/Boom.app
[not loaded] com.globaldelight.driver.BoomDevice (1.1 - SDK 10.1) Support

Startup Items: ℹ️
CUDA: Path: /System/Library/StartupItems/CUDA
Startup items are obsolete and will not work in future versions of OS X

Problem System Launch Agents: ℹ️
[failed] com.apple.CallHistoryPluginHelper.plist
[failed] com.apple.CallHistorySyncHelper.plist
[failed] com.apple.coreservices.appleid.authentication.plist
[failed] com.apple.icloud.fmfd.plist
[failed] com.apple.printtool.agent.plist
[failed] com.apple.rcd.plist
[failed] com.apple.scopedbookmarkagent.xpc.plist
[failed] com.apple.spindump_agent.plist
[failed] com.apple.telephonyutilities.callservicesd.plist

Problem System Launch Daemons: ℹ️
[failed] com.apple.ctkd.plist
[failed] com.apple.ifdreader.plist
[failed] com.apple.nehelper.plist
[failed] com.apple.nsurlsessiond.plist
[failed] com.apple.periodic-daily.plist
[failed] com.apple.wdhelper.plist
[failed] org.cups.cupsd.plist

Launch Agents: ℹ️
[not loaded] com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist Support
[loaded] com.divx.dms.agent.plist Support
[loaded] com.divx.update.agent.plist Support
[loaded] com.google.keystone.agent.plist Support
[loaded] com.nvidia.CUDASoftwareUpdate.plist Support
[loaded] com.oracle.java.Java-Updater.plist Support
[running] com.wacom.wacomtablet.plist Support
[running] edu.mit.appinventor.aiStarter.plist Support

Launch Daemons: ℹ️
[failed] com.adobe.fpsaud.plist Support
[invalid?] com.adobe.SwitchBoard.plist Support
[loaded] com.oracle.java.Helper-Tool.plist Support

User Launch Agents: ℹ️
[loaded] com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist Support
[failed] com.facebook.videochat.[redacted].plist Support
[invalid?] org.lantern.plist Support

User Login Items: ℹ️
iTunesHelper Application (/Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/MacOS/iTunesHelper.app)

Internet Plug-ins: ℹ️
o1dbrowserplugin: Version: Support
OVSHelper: Version: 1.1 Support
Default Browser: Version: 600 - SDK 10.10
Unity Web Player: Version: UnityPlayer version 4.2.1f4 - SDK 10.6 Support
WacomTabletPlugin: Version: WacomTabletPlugin - SDK 10.9 Support
Silverlight: Version: 5.1.20513.0 - SDK 10.6 Support
FlashPlayer-10.6: Version: - SDK 10.6 Support
DivX Web Player: Version: - SDK 10.6 Support
Flash Player: Version: - SDK 10.6 Cannot contact Adobe
QuickTime Plugin: Version: 7.7.3
googletalkbrowserplugin: Version: Support
npgtpo3dautoplugin: Version: - SDK 10.5 Support
JavaAppletPlugin: Version: Java 8 Update 25 Check version

User Internet Plug-ins: ℹ️
Picasa: Version: 1.0 - SDK 10.4 Support
Google Earth Web Plug-in: Version: 7.1 Support

Safari Extensions: ℹ️
Reload Button
GMail Counter
Facebook Cleaner
My eBay Manager
Ebay Shopping Assistant
Firebug Lite for Safari

3rd Party Preference Panes: ℹ️
CUDA Preferences Support
Flash Player Support
Java Support
WacomTablet Support

Time Machine: ℹ️
Mobile backups: OFF
Auto backup: NO - Auto backup turned off
Volumes being backed up:
Jungle Cats 1: Disk size: 119.17 GB Disk used: 89.58 GB
Jungle Cats 2 [Local]
Total size: 0 B
Total number of backups: 0
Oldest backup: -
Last backup: -
Size of backup disk: Too small
Backup size 0 B < (Disk used 89.58 GB X 3)

Top Processes by CPU: ℹ️
14% WindowServer
4% coreaudiod
1% iTunes
0% AppleSpell
0% fontd

Top Processes by Memory: ℹ️
129 MB Safari
97 MB com.apple.WebKit.WebContent
60 MB WindowServer
34 MB Finder
34 MB iTunes

Virtual Memory Information: ℹ️
297 MB Free RAM
1.14 GB Active RAM
707 MB Inactive RAM
727 MB Wired RAM
20.81 GB Page-ins
392 MB Page-outs
Nov 28, 2007
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Blue Mountains NSW Australia
Your Mac's Specs
Silver M1 iMac 512/16/8/8 macOS 11.6
Did you simply upgrade to Yosemite?

For notebooks in particular, and certainly my iMac, a format of the hard and and a clean install certainly makes for trouble free computing. Also consider increase memory. A mid 2010 model 7.1 can accommodate up to 16GB. You have some pretty fancy software ~ is it all Yosemite compatible? Also no antivirus or cleaning utilities installed?
Jan 8, 2014
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OS X problems

Mahalo no loa to harryb2448 , i took your hint, wiped my SSD, did clean install and it all works now.

have no antivirus, a couple duplicate cleaners i rarely use and plan to take it up to more RAM when $ available, but right now it's plenty fast for an old Fortran IV programmer whose first machine was an IBM360..so thankful for the delete key!
Nov 28, 2007
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Blue Mountains NSW Australia
Your Mac's Specs
Silver M1 iMac 512/16/8/8 macOS 11.6
That duplicate cleaners worries me. Best cleaning utility is Onyx. Trust not Mackeeper, CleanMyMac etc?

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