Yosemite curiosities with 1Password and Total Finder



I'm at 10.10.1 on my MBP 17" described in my profile. I have 1Password and TotalFinder installed and both are updated to the Yosemite versions. 1Password is version 5.0.2, Total Finder is 1.6.17. The add on to Safari for 1Password is 4.2.5, which Agilebits says is the latest version of the add on.

But when I rebooted the machine into 10.10.1 after the update, I got a message that TotalFinder is not compatible with 10.10 (although it runs just fine) and when I open the add-on in Safari, I get a message that somehow it has loaded an older version of 1Password (which it has NOT done, the versions are the latest and as I have shown).

Anybody got an idea of what is going on here? Last time I had a problem anything like this it was Spotlight looking into my backups and seeing old versions of apps there and insisting I needed to update. The only way I got rid of that mess was to delete the older versions from my CCC backups so that Spotlight no longer saw them.

Any ideas folks?


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I just ran a check and everything here looks OK. Note though that I do not run TotalFinder but use PathFinder instead which appears to be up to date for Yosemite 10.10.1.

I'm showing version 5.0.2 for 1Password and 4.2.5 for the Safari extension. What's going on with Spotlight that it's looking at your backups? It shouldn't be doing that as far as I know about what it does.


Spotlight had been looking at my CCC backups, so I put the CCC drive in the privacy list in Spotlight so that it would stop. I had to force a reindex to get rid of what it had previously found, at which point the prompts to update stopped. App Store app uses spotlight indexes to decide what version of software you have installed to make the recommendations, so when it found older versions in the index, it didn't bother to check if that was being used or not, it just make the update recommendation. I was also archiving files that CCC backed up in the incremental, so Spotlight had tracked EVERY archive copy back for generations! Very persistent little devil! And somehow it got the privacy settings "undone" during an update to Spotlight and started indexing the backup drives again, so I had to go delete the older copies from the backups and all the archives. I eventually got it done, but it was a bit of a hassle at the time.

As for the 1Password, that's just weird the way it pops up the error after a reboot because it actually HAS the right version, but for some reason either Safari or 1Password doesn't think it is. I've done a couple of re-installs to see if I can clear whatever flag it sets, but it still happens. Not a backbreaker, just annoying.

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