Yet Another CD to HDD thread

Apr 5, 2010
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hi, first post looking for help. Finally, the shoe is on the other foot.
Normally I manage 10 MacPros & 5 XServes, but this has me beat.

I have done "due dilgence", searched so many varieties of terms and downloaded stacks of apps. Max looks good, but some features not there.

Seeking an app to Copy, complete with exact gaps etc, from 1600 Audio CDs.
Want to store these onto a Drobo, in a format where they can be mounted on the Desktop. Format in WAV or AIFF for these.
The app needs to:
Recognise (we write it with an s DownUnder) when a disc is inserted, just like iTunes.
Copy to "image"
Eject disc.
Discs will be "supplied" by Centurion DiscHub 100 x Changer.
Unfortunately it's not a Jukebox, if only.
1- Can then burn fresh CD if the original disintegrates
2- Can play them in this WAV/AIFF format via iTunes through Airport Express with Optical Output to Stereo.
3- Can convert to AAC for iPod, iPhone use.

Centurion has a Library Manager app, but not up to these tasks.
Also have an SDK, but at $450 a bit pricey.

Hope the above explains that I'm looking for a "semi automated" system.
A lot of apps require drag'n'drop, defeating the purpose even though they might be excellent in other areas.
Jul 2, 2006
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Crawley, England
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