Yet another "Best Case for the iPhone 6" thread...


Oct 25, 2010
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I really like the size of my iPhone 6, and have decided not to necessarily go back to Otterbox cases (too bulky). I always drop my phone at least once (often some bozo knocking it out of my hand), and the slipperiness of the iPhone 6 has me concerned.

I'm looking for a case that meets all or most of the following:
  • Improves the grip without benign too sticky to slide in/out of pockets
  • Corner protection (requires something with "give", not metal
  • No glass cover (not a deal breaker but prefer the "natural" feel
  • Easy-to-get-to buttons/lightening port
  • Enough lip to lie the phone glass-side down without the glass touching the table
  • Prefer (but not required) so have the back side visible (I like the gray appearance)
  • Battery case is an option (obviously additional bulk would be required :))

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