Yes, another BootCamp question

Sep 25, 2008
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Alright. I tried and tried to work this out on my own, it's driving me berserk.

I did BootCamp, I got XP all loaded up...but I can't set up a wireless connection. When I plug in directly, I still can't get on.

I'd like a wireless connection most of all. But everywhere I look tells me to go into Network Connections and right-click Wireless Network Connection...but I don't have that in there. At all. Just "1394 connection". It, however, says it's connected, but I can't do anything with it at all.

If that's not possible, I'd just like to know why it refuses to connect even when I connect it to my router.

Please and thank you in advance.

I just wanna play some Call of Duty 4. :(


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