XServe or NAS device?

Apr 26, 2007
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Hi. We're a small non-profit (~7 users) running on a Mac network. We have an old Mac G3 acting as our server, but as we grow we're beginning to look at upgrading to something more sophisticated. We'd like to have some sort of data redundancy and also be able to make regular (daily?) backups to take off-site. We would also like our workers to be able to access the files on our server while they are on the road. Some of the ideas we've come across while trying to figure this out involve XServe, NAS devices, VPN, RAID...

The Apple XServe solutions seem to be a huge financial and technical step for us. Is there an intermediate we could consider?

We are also in the final stages of deciding how to host our new database. We are trying to decide between between an internal FileMaker system or a web-based solution.

We need some help to decide on an appropriate solution for our small (but growing) business. Any advice or previous experience tackling these kinds of issues would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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