XServe G4 Issues

May 17, 2007
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This one is probably hopeless but its worth a shot,
Ok at my High School, Im a member of the TV Production Club, we produce shows for our Districts TV Channel.

All of our Editing is Mac-Based so we're no stranger to them.

For a while we've has this rack-mountable G4 just sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Well Today I decided I was gonna hook it up and use it as a central hub, as contrast to using about 7 different external HD's to our G4s and G5's

I get it on, I have a iMac Mouse and Keyboard plugged in to the USB Ports, it boots, gets the login screen, Go to Type in the info, but the mouse and keyboard won't work under the GUI

Oddly Enough I got it to run in Verbatose Mode, and I could type there, but when it gets to the Login Screen it won't work...Any Ideas?

BTW We Don't have the Original Install Discs or anything like that

And My Second Question, if theres nothing that I can do, is it still possible to run the Server in Single User Mode in a LAN environment? We Don't Use the internet on the Macs at All, so it will all be offline. And if that doesn't work, can we access the server using MULTIPLE firewires? (Target Disc Mode works, but I'd like to have all our macs be able to access it...

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