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xbox for ibook/powerbook?



ok, i've got an xbox, great condition heres what you get:
1 Xbox
1 Original controller
1 Controller-S
1 PS2 Controller w/ dongle so it'll work on an xbox
1 DVD Kit (remote etc.0
1 Xbox live headset and adapter
1 (maybe two...) 2 Month free xbox live trials, if you really wanna know i can look
~30 issues of OXM (offical xbox magazine) and demo discs for all of them
GTA double pack
Halo 2
KOTOR (the first one)
all original cables and packaging
all in great condition, and all i want is an ibook! it dosen't need to be great, just needs to work and have a CD rom, and i'd like to use OS X or 9 on it, but it dosen't need to run great. if it was an ibook snow, or a faster powerbook i might throw in some cash too! I'll accept any offers, if you wanna buy it stright out, that could work to, but i'd want at least enought to buy an ibook on ebay, thanks a lot!
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