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WTB: sawtooth logic board / processor, odd request & a bunch of stuff FT



I do some trading over at the Ars Technica Agora, but I wanted to post this here as well...

I'm working on a Mac G4 machine, which I believe to be a sawtooth. The machine will not turn on, and I'm looking to replace the logic board and/or the processor. So here are the two requests:

1. I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in purchasing: a g4-compatible logic board for a sawtooth, a g4 processor for a sawtooth, or both depending on if I end up replacing either and the results of the testing. The parts would only be used for however long it would take to test, so I'm not interested in taking a huge hit on it. (What would a logic board cost and where would one buy one other than Agora anyway?) For instance, I would swap out the processor and if the machine started working, I'd sell the motherboard. If I swap out both parts and the machine still doesn't work, I'd give up and sell both new parts.

2. I'd be willing to buy a KNOWN GOOD logic board and processor for a sawtooth on the cheap.

Please help.

Paypal ready. I can also pay with MO or trade for computer-related goods.

I've got all of this for trade:

- Web hosting and/or design (HTML, PHP, MySQL)

Console stuff
- Morrowind for XBox
- Cell Damage for Xbox
- Memory for Xbox
- Original Nintendo system with 1 controler and video connections. I believe it's missing the power cable, which shouldn't be hard to find. I'll double check the contents of this box if anyone is interested.

PC Stuff
- Athlon 1.4ghz socket
- motherboard for above (IWill KA266 ver 1.3)
- Athlon 550mhz slot
- motherboard for above (FIC SD11?)
- Iomega BUZ drive with SCSI PCI adapter and software. (BUZ drives do not seem to work in Win2k/NT. I don't know about other OS's)
- P2 400mhz slot processor with attached HS
- P2 slot processor with attached HS
- PSUs - ATX 250watt and ATX 300watt
- Gravis Xterminator gamepad

- fully working Macintosh SE with external hard drive (don't remember the size), mouse and keyboard.
- working Mac Performa 6200CD.
- working PowerMac 7300/200 with G3 running at 345mhz 224mb RAM
- PowerPC-era mouse and keyboard
- Color StyleWriter 2400

- box of comic books including the first appearance of Gambit. (will list out some of the others if there is interest)

- Microsoft Itellimouse Explorer Optical 5-button mouse (the big optical one, not 3.0) [Either my USB slot was giving up or this needs to be unplugged and plugged back in every few days. I replaced it and the motherboard before spending any time testing.]
- busted IBM deathstar
- busted Nikon 885 digital camera
- untested old SCSI hard drives and CDROM
- untested beige floppy drives
- busted(?) 24x IDE CDROM
- busted(?) Compaq p2 motherboard
- HP Photosmart 1115 [as it was working before my move 6 months ago, most likely loose ribbon or dried up ink carts.]
- Epson Stylus Color 800 printer [as it was working before my move 6 months ago, most likely loose ribbon or dried up ink carts.]
- Lexmark 2030 Color Jetprinter [as it was working before my move 6 months ago, most likely loose ribbon or dried up ink carts.]
- Canon B|C 2110 printer [as it was working before my move 6 months ago, most likely loose ribbon or dried up ink carts.]

If interested in purchasing, let me know and I'll post prices.

agora AT couchfort DOT org
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