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WTB: 17" G4 Al Powerbook Parts or Dead

Mar 6, 2006
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Blogging about good deals on apple stuff. Come vi
I just adopted a PB G4 Al 17" that took a bit of a spill. I'm looking for either the following parts -or- one with a dead logic board:

1. LCD screen alone -or- the whole display/upper half. Currently the display is cracked and partially viewable. The lid has a slight bend to it that I would like to correct, but not my highest priority.
2. Bottom case, just the part of the case that would sit on the table. This took a secondary blow, with a dent across the card slot.
3. All four feet. Which are currently gone, gone, gone.

Please LMK what you've got!

I have a rather nice ibook g3 600mhz (one-owner, and that was an adult) that I could trade. Or do cash. Or something else .:bone:

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