Writing a script to change browser preferences - Help



Hey all,

I'm a recent switcher (G4 Powerbook in September) and I'm having some problems with my Web browsers. My problem is this - I constantly bring my laptop with me wherever I go (Work, School, Home, etc) and my greatest annoyance is that I constantly have to change my browser preferences from a Work environment (i.e. proxy settings with a user name and password) back to a unrestricted home or school environment.

For example, when I go to work, in order to get through the firewall, I have to go the browser preferences, and change my proxy settings from "direct connection to the internet" to "manual proxy configuration". Since I've already set up my "manual proxy configuration", I don't have to do anything more other than to select manual proxy configuration, close my browser, and then restart it. But this is becoming a real hassle considering I use 4 browsers (netscape, safari, IE, and Mozilla firebird)

Could anyone offer me any how-to's concerning writing an apple script that would allow me to expedite this process of continuously changing my proxy settings from "manual" to "direct connection"?

I realize this is an apple script related question but I didn't see a section on these forums specifically for apple scripts.

Thanks All,


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