write permissions when ftp to SGI via 'Connect to Server'



I am trying to write to my user account on an SGI workstation. I can get the disk icon to mount and appear on my desktop and I can peruse my SGI account folders/files, but I am unable to write to any of the folders/files (only have read permission). What gives? Is this a permissions problem on my Mac or the SGI? If I 'ssh' to the SGI under the same account, there no problems. Also, I do not have any read/write issues when connecting to a PC server.



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There is a permission problem on the sgi side. If the uid on both the sgi user account and the Apple user are the same, then all is well. Since you don't have a choose in uid when an account an account is created in Mac OS X. You will have to make some adjustment on the sgi side.

Just found some you can do, you can have the system admin of the sgi either change your uid which you can get by using the netinfo application) or verify that you are in the user group (20). After doing this you can change the permissions on the group, so that you can access your data from Mac OS X.

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