Well, first let me say that this is my second day on a green iBook. I bought it used from my friend because, well my old Toshiba finally died. I am big Unix/Linux fan and I run Slackware 9 on my desktop at home, but I am using this baby here for my school work. I have never been happier with a computer. It really does "just work". It wakes up right away, the battery conservation is great, entering WEP keys is easy... the whole setup is just plain user friendly. I am very impressed.

That being said, I do have one question. I am an advanced French student and I want to write papers in French on my Mac. How do I do this and have it spell check? I had it in Word on my PC by installing the custom dictionaries for French. Is that how I do it here too? Or does it have something to do with that little flag in the corners that is American right now ( I presume for American English)? Thanks!

P.S. -- I installed the French support, so I can make the little flag become French too. Thanks!

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