wirless airport extreme card

Jun 3, 2007
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i have recently bought a wireless router which i am hoping set up at home. when i bought my intel mac i did not opt for the airport extreme card as i had no use for it. now i have finally decided to go wireless i seam to be running into problems with apple..when i bought a desktop i fully expected that i could install any parts myself unlike the imac computers. when i visited the mac store, not only were they reluctant to even showing me the product but they also wanted to charge me for the hassle of fitting it..the reason being that half the computer has to be taken out in order to fit it! i don't want to lug my computer half way accross london to get the part fitted or pay any extra charges!

has anyone else had this problem and how have you dealt with it?

my router is a netgear wgt624 108mbps wireless firewall router. any help would be much appreciated!

kind regards

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