Wireless Issues

Apr 8, 2010
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Hi. I have an iMac that I've had for well over 2 years. It is mac OS X 10.5 (not snow leapord). This issue just started about 4 days ago. It seems that the Internet runs fine, and then drops the connection, an then a few minutes layer it "wakes up" again. (Example: click a link to load a website. It loads half of the page, sits for 15+ seconds, then loads the page instantly.) I have tried resetting the router and modem. Moreover, all the other computers that use the same router and modem don't seem to be having this problem, maybe minor lag in the worst case.

I don't want to waste two posts, so I'm going to post one more problem here :p My iMac is getting very hot. So I tired smcfancontrol, and the temp won't go below 105 F even with all he fans maximum.

Please help :p

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