Wireless Internet problem

Feb 15, 2010
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Okay so im at my dorm. The other day i tried to partition Xbuntu along side snow leopard. big mistake. Well i got done, tried to boot os x, and os x wouldnt boot. So i booted from the os x cd and got rid of the xubuntu partition.
Now my internet doesnt work. It connects to the internet and none of the pages load. I tried to update the client but its still not loading a page.

Now for my question: Our wireless supposedly has been down across campus, but i cant tell. Because for some people it works and others it doesnt. When i plug it into the ethernet, i get a connected signal, but no websites load. COuld this be a school campus' internet problem? Or did i screw up the airport firmware while installing Xubuntu wrong? and maybe deleting ssomething?

Thanks guys!

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