Wireless Internet in Stockholm?



I have a Macbook Pro 15" 2.4ghz. I'm going to be in Stockholm, Sweden for four months and living in an apartment that does not have internet access; I haven't been told if this includes no wireless connectivity, but I assume as much. I'm wondering what the best way to obtain a reliable and consistent internet connection is (without trekking to public libraries, internet cafes, and kiosks). Does anyone know of any sort of cellular broadband service (such as those offered by Verizon, Sprint, and Cingular here in the States) that is offered for wireless internet connection across the city? I'm willing to pay for it; I would just prefer not to resort to trying to hack into others' wireless networks.
Sep 2, 2006
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London, England
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There are plenty of providers of mobile internet that would cover Stockholm.

Ask someone to help you to point you in the right direction when you arrive. I think the websites are only in Swedish, but you can go in to a shop and be up and running in minutes.

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