wireless at school goes on and off

Feb 4, 2010
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i get to connect to the internet and stay on for awhile but then all of a sudden gets cut off... i called the tech at school and they told me its my mac..

someone help pleaseee
Jan 5, 2010
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Chicago suburbs
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Macbook Pro 13", 4th gen Touch
You know, I'm having the same problem at home. I just bought a new router; claims to be good for 300'. I'm two rooms away on the same floor, maybe 30' and the connection is lost pretty easily.

I'm typing this from my PC laptop now. My wife is in the other room. I had to send her there with the refurbished Macbook Pro. It has not been doing this since she went in that other room.

The funny thing about the Mac is that when it is connected, it shows full signal strength. Then, all of a sudden, it can't load a web page. Says it has no connection.

So I go to the wireless setup screen and the airport icon is red. Then, it finds it again in about 5-10 seconds.

It is super annoying.

I'm thinking about returning the $80 Netgear router and spending another $100 for the Airport Extreme router. Do you think this will solve the problem, or is it more like a problem with the receiver in my Macbook?

itzjjae - Did you try sitting closer to the router and see if that solved the problem.

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