Windows vs. Mac mice



Hi all. I've been using PCs for the past 17 years, and I'm about to become the proud owner of my first Apple computer (a suped-up 15" Powerbook, aw yeah). Unfortunately, though I've used Macs at work and school for a while now, one thing I still can't get used to is the fact that Apple's mouse cursors are speed sensitive (ie the faster you move the mouse, the farther the cursor moves on the screen). In Windows, there is a flat ratio between the distance you move the mouse and the distance the cursor moves. So, if you move your mouse an inch on a PC, the cursor will move (depending on your mouse sensitivity) say, four inches on the screen, no matter how fast you move it.

Is there any way to make an OSX mouse act more like a Windows mouse? There isn't anything in the system preferences that'll help; adjusting the mouse sensitivity doesn't fix the problem. Is there a program out there that can adjust or negate the speed/distance relationship?


Ok, I just spent 5 minutes playing with my mouse in OS X and I don't notice it doing what you're talking about. My mouse moves the same distancs whether I speed it along or move slowly.

I'm using a logitech mouse with their software loaded, but it doesn't have a control for speed sensativity.

Just my $.02, it might be totally different for someone else with the Apple Pro Mouse.



Trackpads are speed sensitive (probably on PCs too). I'm not sure about mice.

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