Windows can see the shared folder but Mac doesn't :-/

Sep 30, 2011
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Live in Thailand
hello everybody!
I'm administrating a Mac mini server with shared folders and other services.
I didn't have much experience on Mac as I've always used windows... :'( But proudly I've just got a macbook pro to work with and I regret all the time lost!! ;)

So, on the server (Mac mini - Leopard) I made shared folders on an external HD. Every account (user) can see the folders from their PCs by writing the local server IP address and they can log in to read and write in their folders.
..and this is awesome.

We have some Mac users (including me now) in the network but we can't see those shared folders sited on the ext. HD.
I can see the server, I can connect to it (with user and passsword) but I can only see the shared folders on the Macmini HD.

How can I connect tho those on the external HD?
And also I don't understand why from windows is possible to see them and log in in such easy way.

Thanks for your support!


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