Windows 2003 Share Problems



Hi! I've got a questions regarding connecting a Mac running OSX 10.2.6 to Windows 2003 Shares. The Mac is a iMAC DV SE 400MHz G3 with 384 MBs of Ram. The Windows Server is a P3 500 with 512 of Ram.

The Windows 2003 Server has 6 shares that I have created using the "Configure your Server" option. I have created this server as a file server using the option at hand. I have installed services for Mac on this machine as well.

When I try to connect to my network using the Mac (Go-->Connect to Server), I see all 4 machines sitting on my network including the Server. I choose the server and it asks me for my username (already filled in) and my password, which I enter. Next is displays a screen that says SMB Mount but it only shows 3 of the six shares. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance for your answers!!!


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