Winblows - library change in iTunes problem

Aug 9, 2012
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Well I couldn't really find a suitable area for this, so I thought this was the most fitting.

I have sort of gotten myself into a bit of a problem, where I am hoping for a quick fix... or at least a quicker fix than doing it all one by one.

I use both pc and mac. On my pc, I have my music stored on a different drive than the itunes default folder. So far so good.

Recently my pc decided to [beep] me over, and after coming back to life, that particular external drive have changed location.. as in which letter my pc recognizes it by.

Weeeeeell.. that kinda sucked when itunes still thinks all my music is stored on a differently named drive :-(

I have changed the settings back for it to store new music, but unfortunately that didn't fix the problem for all the gazillion numbers already being in that folder.
Now I could go by manually locating each and every file... but honestly, please tell me there is some other way to do it, cause I really have a lot of music stored in that folder... and some of them I still had to tinker with to get the album pictures... and a good deal of the files are named incorrectly, where I had to manually redo the info (I'd rather not go through that again).

Crossing my fingers that someone out there knows how to quickfix this.

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