Win 7 on Intel Macs - Keyboard Problem Fix

Feb 12, 2010
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Hey all, just thought I would post up a quick fix for anyone who's been having the same problems as myself.

I've been experiencing a problem where the keyboard language in Windows 7 (installed on intel mac) has be arbitrarily b0rking itself. (For what reason I haven't figured out yet). But as a result, a few of the punctuation marks get all buggered up, and don't work, and present themselves as "É" (backslash, question mark, colon & semi colon, etc etc [just about all of the punctuation marks on the right side of a typical English Qwerty keyboard])

For anyone who has had this problem, don't fret. Take a look at the keyboard language setup. In the beginning, I clearly remember only setting up 1, and today when I looked, there's 4 or 5 different ones that have some how gotten in there.

Just delete all of them that you don't need, making sure you've got the correct ONE (or multiple if you actually DO use them..) and everything should go back to normal. I haven't figured out yet how these other languages mysteriously installed themselves, but at least it works now... Some things i guess you'll never know... with microsoft :D

Yes.... it's an easy fix..., and some may think trivial or retarded, but it had me boggled for a while, and i'm certain i'm not the only one out there...

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