Wi-Fi List Not Refreshing

Oct 28, 2013
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Chicago, IL
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2 iMacs, kids and wife all on MBPs, iPad Pro 12 (I drew the line at iPhone!)
Greetings, Forum.
My rMBP 2.8 i7 running 10.9.4 will not update the Wi-Fi list. For instance, I open the machine, and then turn on my mobile hotspot and the hotspot SSID doesn't show until I turn off and then back on the Wi-Fi radio. The only time it seems to refresh is upon opening and no time thereafter. Peeked around generally and didn't find a solution. This condition has existed since I got the machine many moons ago though it hasn't bothered me too much. I guess now I'm feeling bothered enough to write.
Thanks for any insight.

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