White screen on early 2011 model MBP 13"

Nov 17, 2014
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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and for a few reasons. 1 I’m interested in learning more about my apple products and what they can do and two, my early 2011 mac book pro is currently having some problems.

Just last night I was watching Netflix on my MacBook and the screen went white and all pixley. After a few seconds it went back it normal, it happen again one more and did not occur anymore that evening. That all happened while I had the screen bent towards me.

Today its done the same thing a few more times, but only when I move the screen back and forth slowly. I haven’t fooled with the computer only have called apple care and as far as we together could tell it was not a software issue. The lady from apple said that it might be the LCD screen going out.

Although as I sit here writing this on my mac I have had no issues, until I move the screen back and forth, its still bothers me that this happened. Even though it's intermittent as to when the screen will fade white I’m still concerned.

Does anyone have any ideas what could the issue be to fix the problem? I use it everyday and it's about 4 months out of apple care warranty.
Also all aplications are running normally.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.
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Jan 23, 2008
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Welcome to the Mac Forums.

This is a common problem when any one of the video cables gets pinched or loosened by moving the top lid of your MacBook Pro. If you're capable of doing your own repairs, this is a rather easy fix but it does require disassembling the machine to relocate the pinched cable or cables or reconnect any that have been loosened.

Instructions for doing so can be found at www.ifixit.com. If you're not comfortable doing repairs, take your MacBook Pro to an Apple store or an authorized Apple repair service center.

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